Checking out of Student Apartments & Lister House

Posted 3 months ago

Moving out made easy

We hope you have enjoyed your stay in Student Apartments/Lister House and that you will have good memories of your time in residences.

Returning your keys

Your keys should be returned to the office by 10am on Friday the 7th June 2024. If you live in Student Apartments and are leaving outside office hours, you can leave your keys at the Main Gatehouse which is open 24 hours- if you are doing this please return your keys in an envelope with your name and address on it.

Alternatively, you can leave the keys in your room on your departure- but please let us know if you are doing this and we will collect the keys. Lister House keys can be posted through the Lister House office letterbox- please put your keys in an envelope with your room/flat number written on it.

Forwarding address

Please advise friends, family, your bank, GP and the University of your change of address and make arrangements to have your mail re-directed.

Due to the large volume of mail we cannot re-direct mail. Any mail that arrives will be returned to sender.

Cleaning your flat

  • Leave your room clean and tidy.
  • Remove any posters/decoration carefully. You may be liable for charges to damage to paintwork.
  • Dispose of any rubbish and recycling in the correct manner by placing it inside the bins provided in the back court. Do not leave it anywhere in the flat. There is a charge of £5.00 per bag of rubbish left in the flat.
  • Leave your kitchen clean and completely free of rubbish and recycling. Remember to empty and clean cupboards and also to remove food in the fridge/freezer. 
  • Please ensure that any dishes you intend to leave have been washed and stored.


Donate unwanted goods such as clothing, bags, books etc. and electrical items to the British Heart Foundation, the GUEST drop off point or a local charity shop. Donation bags are available from communal areas or from the office. Alternatively, leave items neatly bagged with a note or label letting us know they are to be donated.

Perishable food can be taken to the Community Fridge on level 3 at the University Library and non-perishable food that’s still in date can be put in the foodbank box at your nearest supermarket.

Why not download our handy checklist?

Please contact us you have any queries about your departure. We hope you have a safe and pleasant onward journey!

Best wishes from everyone at Student Apartments and Lister House