Cold weather hacks

Posted 6 months ago

Tips to keep you warm in winter

At this time of year Glasgow can become pretty chilly, we might even get a dusting of snow! These hacks will make getting through this cold weather a little easier. 

Wear proper winter footwear

Trainers might be the more comfortable option, but they won't keep your feet warm or dry and you may find tackling the hill to the library more challenging without good grip. Get a good pair of waterproof boots for the winter and your feet will thank you.

Keep your feet dry with sprays or sandwich bags

Okay, I know it sounds strange, but trust me on this one... Nobody likes sitting in lectures with wet feet. If your boots aren't waterproof you could try a waterproofing spray or try sandwich bags on top of your socks. They'll keep your feet dry and warm, and nobody will see them tucked inside your boots. 

Put newspaper in wet shoes to dry them out

Also put them near to a radiator to help them dry out quicker!

Wear lots of thin layers, rather than one thick one

Layering clothes is a great way to stay warm and investing in some good quality thermals is a good idea. You can pick up low cost layers for a few quid in big supermarkets and shops like Tk-maxx and Primark. While you're there why not pick up some other cheap cosy clothing? They sell thick socks, hats, gloves, scarves, pyjamas, and the ultimate cold weather clothing item - onesies! It's also worth checking out our local charity shops for some cheap and sustainable finds.

Get a hot water bottle

Use hot water bottles to keep you warm. You can use one to heat up your pyjamas before you put them on, or use one to heat up your bed before you get in it. You can also sit with one while you study on those extra cold evenings. 

Keep your windows closed when the heating is on

It's important to get fresh air into your room but remember to close your windows while the heating is on to trap the heat.

Report any problems with your heating

Your heating will be available during set hours of the day, usually first thing in the morning, for a few hours in the afternoon, and then from dinner time until around 11pm. If your heating isn't working, make sure that the thermostat on your radiator is turned all the way up and in some halls you may have a thermostat dial in the hallway. If that doesn't work, report the issue to your site office during office hours or Residence Life/security out of hours.

Put a shower cap on your bike seat

There's nothing worse than a soggy bike seat. You can also get more traction in the snow by tying zip ties around your bicycle tyres at equal distances.