Staying safe at UofG with SafeZone

Posted 9 months ago

Designed to keep UofG students safe

SafeZone is an incredibly useful app that all students at UofG should have downloaded to their phones.

You can use the SafeZone app 24 hours per day on campus, at our accommodation residences, or anywhere in between, to alert campus security to any incidents.

The blue button is for general enquiries if you have any questions or need help in a non-emergency situation, such as you're a little lost.

The red button is for emergencies and shares your location with the security team so they can find and assist you as quickly as possible. There's also the option to call emergency services. If you are not within range of the campus the app will call 999 for you, but the security team here at UofG will still be alerted and they'll get in touch to check if you're okay.

The green button is for first aid if you or someone around you needs medical assistance.

The app is free, GDPR compliant and completely safe to use.

Click here to download!

The SRC's website also has useful information and tips for staying safe.