Welcome to Murano Street Student Village

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We hope you have had a good journey here and looking forward to your studies at the University of Glasgow. Here's our A-Z of essential things you need to know. If you have any questions please pop into the Central Services Building and speak to staff.


The reception desk is located at the Central Services Building (CSB) and is open between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, outwith this time there is a Residence Life Assistant or Security on duty for assistance. You can contact the office on 0141 895 3390, or by emailing mssv@sanctuary.co.uk.

The office will use your email registered with Accommodation Services to send updates from the office. We will let you know if we need access to your flat for a repair or routine maintenance, when we will be coming to inspect your flat and for when we need in to read the meter.

Please ensure that the email registered with University of Glasgow is up to date, you can let them know about any changes by emailing accom@gla.ac.uk or logging into your accommodation online portal. Please check your email on a regular basis.

Banned Items

It is really important that we all live in residences safely. For that reason we have a list of items that you are not allowed to have in residence. If we find an item on this list in your room (or flat), it will be removed and you can collect it at the end of your stay with us.

Bike Sheds

The bike sheds are located next to 12 Lennox and 4 Campsie you should aim to use the one nearest to your block. You will be able to collect a code for the bike sheds from the CSB. Please register your bike with reception when you arrive as any unregistered bikes will be disposed of. We recommend you safely mark your bike and insure it. Bikes are left at your own risk and ensure you close the shed door after use.

Fire Alarm

Please read the separate leaflet on Fire Safety procedures enclosed in your key envelope. Assembly points are located outside each block. The weekly fire test is carried out on a Tuesday afternoon commencing from 2pm and will take approximately 1 to 2 hours to work through all blocks.

Heating and Hot Water

Current heating times are displayed on the notice board in your block. To regulate the temperature, each room radiator has a control valve, some flats will also have a central thermostat too. If you discover a loss of heating or hot water within your flat please contact the reception/security team as soon as possible.


You are responsible for the cleaning in your room and in the public areas within the flat. Please remove refuse to bin stores on a regular basis and place inside the bins provided, please never leave on the ground as this will attract pests. Glasgow City Council empty the bins on a rotation each week.

Residents located within a large flat will receive a weekly service clean of the communal areas, including kitchens, by one of our housekeepers.

Please note: All bedrooms are prepared for new student arrivals; however, you may be entering a flat which is already partially occupied. In this case the cleaning of the communal areas within the flat is the responsibility of residents currently living in the flat.

If you are aware of any problems, please inform the office within 7 working days so arrangements can be made to rectify any shortfalls.

Inventory (for your room/flat)

Once your arrival has been processed and your check-in completed, you will receive an email requesting that you access your accommodation portal to complete your on-line inventory. Please note that you must accept or send us your comments within 48 hours. If you do not, we will assume that the condition of each item as held in our records is correct.


The tag will open the front door to your block 24 hours a day. The key/s enclosed will open the front door to your flat and to your individual room. Please look after your keys. Replacements cost £40.00.

Laundry Facilities

Laundry rooms are located throughout the site and are open from 8am-10pm. It costs £2.70 to use the washing machines and £1.40 for a dry. Payment is made through the Circuit laundry app with full details on the posters in the laundry rooms.


No mail or parcels will be accepted at reception for Murano Street residents, so please ensure you make arrangements to have items sent to your flat.

Personal Contact Details

Please see your room envelope or block notice board for your full address and post code. When giving out your address, please ensure that it contains block and flat number, otherwise mail might not be delivered.

Proof of Residence Letter

Proof of residence letters can be requested via the Student Services' web page or on your accommodation online portal.

Alternatively, you can contact the University Accommodation Services for references by emailing accom@glasgow.ac.uk


Blue recycling bins are in the bin stores for the disposal of newspapers, magazines, plastic bottles and food & drink cans. Purple glass recycling bins are also located in this area. Recycling bins have been provided in each kitchen for you to use, please empty regularly and for further advice refer to the Glasgow City guide to recycling: http://www.gla.ac.uk/media/media_181652_en.pdf

We also have British Heart Foundation charity bins located throughout the site for unwanted clothing and books.


Please report any repairs required by completing a repair form at reception in the CSB, completing the online maintenance form or emailing mssv@sanctuary.co.uk. For any urgent repair requests, please call on 0141 895 3390.

Residence Life Assistants

In case of emergency outside of normal office hours, please contact the office on 0141 895 3390 and the security team will put you in contact with the on-duty Residents Life Assistant. If your query is non-urgent you can also contact them on at mssv-RL@glasgow.ac.uk.


If you've read this far you know all about UofGLiving as you are on the site right now 😊 You'll find details on events at Murano Street plus loads of tips to make your time in residences and Glasgow great. There are guides to Glasgow's parks, essential FAQs, recipes, suggested days out plus essential information about how to do the laundry or pay your accommodation fees.